Tom vs. Time Chapter 5: The End.

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

Here it is: the final chapter of Tom vs. Time.

To me, this was the most interesting episode in the docu-series. I think it gave us the clearest window into the mind of Tom Brady. He’s been relatively transparent throughout the entire thing, but he revealed more in this episode than he had previously. But I’ll write more extensively about that stuff at a later date. Right now, here are my basic thoughts on the episode.

  • I’m no surfing expert, but I’d encourage Tom not to quit his day job.
  • Brady running around Costa Rica in a helmet and shoulder pads was wild. I got a good laugh watching him sprint down a hill straight into a room where Gisele was working out.
  • Hearing Tom Brady say things like “the Patriots are the Patriots,” and “we’re better than all these other teams,” really gets me going. Doesn’t make me feel so bad about being a dickheaded Patriots fan sometimes.
  • We saw, without a doubt, the weirdest massage clip in this episode. As Alex Guerrero manhandled Brady’s thigh, the quarterback fluttered his legs back and forth like he was doing the backstroke. I didn’t think it’d get weirder than the one that sounded like a seal slapping itself. I was wrong.
  • TB said he didn’t care about winning league MVP. Too bad. He won anyways.
  • Tony Massarotti is such a little rat.
  • Brady said a big key to life is being “physically fit, emotionally stable and spiritually sound.” Looks like I’m not unlocking life anytime soon.
  • This episode, more so than the others, showed the conflict between Brady’s desire to keep playing football and the pressures to retire. He loves everything about the game. That was made very clear, but so was the fact that retirement has to happen at some point. Whether it’s because of promises he made to Gisele, an inability to balance football & family or the mental grind of the sport, there are things pushing him towards retirement. No matter how crazy that sounds, it’s the truth, and it was obvious that Brady’s struggling with it. Even though he wants to play until he’s 45, there are decisions which will need to be made and those decisions may come sooner than he’d like.

I’ll eventually beef out that last thought into a blog of its own, but right now, I’m not too keen on writing about Brady’s retirement. He was named league MVP last night and will be playing for his sixth Super Bowl ring tonight. Retirement should be the last thing on the mind.

Go Pats.

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