Tom Brady Super Bowl Hype Video Alert

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

I barely slept last night. After watching all five Super Bowl documentaries, The Town and a slew of other Boston-related productions, my heart was racing. Then Tom Brady posted this hype video and my heart’s about to explode out of my goddamn chest.

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I’m not a big Eminem guy but that introduction from Til’ I Collapse is enough to get anyone going. Couple it with college footage of every Patriot and it’s enough to get everyone smashing through brick walls. Trust me, if I wasn’t living in a dorm, I’d be hunting like the Kool-Aid Man. Looking for every bit of brick, drywall or other wall-building material to smash through. This video has me that amped up.

So does Super Bowl Sunday.

I’m jacked up right now. You’d think that after seven appearances in my lifetime, this would be just another day. But, it’s not. I’m as excited as I was in 2005 as a six-year-old. Sports are the best thing in the world and this is the biggest day in sports. That never gets old. Seeing your favorite team out there, playing for the most important championship in the United States, it really never gets old.

Go Pats.

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