This is exactly why Belichick wins

Besides the fact that Bill Belichick has been nothing but a blessing to New England since 2000, guiding the franchise to four Super Bowl victories, he also ALWAYS has the right answers. Even when Belichick has a short dry response, or even no response at all, he somehow finds his way to focus on one thing, and one thing only, and that’s winning in the game of football.. not politics.

As usual, Bill Belichick was hardly a friend to the media, expressing his opinion when asked about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, sitting during the National Anthem on Monday. Of course I didn’t expect anything less than a typical intelligent response stating that “[the] [Patriots] [are] really focused on what [they] do, getting ready for the Giants, [and] improving [their] football team,” and that he is “not here to talk about political commentary, ideology and all that.”

This is what separates Belichick from all the other coaches and players associated in the league, because unlike other coaches and players worried about deflated balls, alcohol consumption from players, and political drama, Belichick is worried about winning that fifth ring. Aside from anyones personal views regarding Kaepernicks stance on not rising for the National Anthem, it has been irrelevant in the world of football. While Kaepernick has his own views, the rest of the world also has their own views. With that being said, he didn’t accomplish really anything in the world of football, other than reminding us that himself and the rest of the world agree/disagree with one another.

I don’t know know about you, but whether football days are your escape from work, school, stress, or even your wife’s/husbands complaining, it most certainly isn’t about political beliefs. In the wise words of Adam Sandler, “you get out there and find that F****** [escape]!” (Billy Madison, lost dog). Because some of you lost what the game is all about.



Colin Kaepernick – “I didn’t play good enough to win,” said Kaepernick, who engineered most of the 49ers offense in the first three quarters of play. “I turned the ball over three times. I cost us that game.”

Now that’s football talk.


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