The NFL Just Banned the Most Electric Play in Football

Philip Tor | Pats Milita

Once again Roger Goodell and his band of idiots at NFL headquarters have outlawed a Patriots specialty. Remember the plays where Jamie Collins or Shea McClellin would leap over the offensive line like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, then block the field goal/extra point?


Yeah they can’t do that anymore.

New rule: Unsportsmanlike conduct/leaping

This change outlaws the emerging strategy to leap over the line of scrimmage to block extra point attempts or field goal attempts. There were three such blocks last season before teams adjusted and put the leaper in jeopardy of being flipped in the air and landing awkwardly. Players, coaches and the league all considered it a safety risk. – Kevin Seifert NFL Nation 

The Philadelphia Eagles were the catalyst to this rule change, as they used player safety as the driving force to pass the rule. After the Patriots successfully blocked kicks 3 times using the leap, teams began countering the move by quick snapping the ball, causing the “leaper” to get twisted and possibly fall in a weird way. I understand the safety concerns of the play, but after taking away so many fun and exciting plays over the past few seasons, the game is getting pretty boring.

First it was the kickoff rule changes such as moving the ball up to the 25 yard line, no wedge blocks, and increasing the touchback length. Before those rule changes the kickoff return was the fastest moving play in the game and fans LOVED it. Players like Darren Sproles, Devin Hester, and Ted Ginn Jr. made careers out of that play.

Now we have the same thing with this play. Patriots fans, and all football fans loved this play. When Troy Polamalu first jumped the line of scrimmage in 2010, people considered it one of the best plays in NFL history…    and now its banned. Shea McClellin, the Patriots linebacker who is most known for the leap block, took to twitter after the rule change was passed and it was an all-time “F*** the NFL” tweet.

Even though I am pretty mad at this change (I LOVE this play), I am by no means worried. We just have to trust the hoodie and let him come up with an even better way to block an extra point. This should be scary for the NFL because we all know Bill is going to find another way. The only chance Roger Goodell has at stopping Bill and the Patriots is to straight up kick them out of the league.

HOUSTON, TX – FEBRUARY 05: Shea McClellin #58 of the New England Patriots attempts to block a point after try in the second quarter against the Atlanta Falcons during Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium on February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. The play resulted in a 5-yard penalty against the New England Patriots for an illegal formation. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

I am all for NFL player safety, but keeping the game exciting should be the priority. If the NFL keep making these changes, the game will become so watered-down and boring. The fans are the driver of this league and without excitement/action, fans will turn their attention elsewhere.

So here is my request to NFL headquarters: KEEP THE NFL FUN… PLEASE

Go Pats