Pats Militia is Headed to Houston

By: Ryan Kennedy

Before this season even started I said, “No matter what if the Patriots make the Super Bowl this year, I will be there watching Brady Hold that 5th trophy in Goodell’s face”.  And what happened this past Sunday?  Tom Brady is heading to his 7th Super Bowl Championship game.  As the clocked ticked down, I instantly booked my hotel and flights.  It was time to make my life long dream of seeing Tom Brady play in a Super Bowl actually happen.


In all honesty, some people I know say things like “You’re Crazy” or “That costs way too much”, But there is no price tag on this.  In my opinion, from growing up watching Tom Brady and all those Super Bowls, the price did not matter to me.  I was fully prepared to go and spend whatever the asking price was, I have worked very hard running businesses these past few years and have been saving for an opportunity like this to come up.  I do not think I have ever wanted to do anything more then see Tom Brady play in a Super Bowl in person and now it is time, and I could not be any more excited for this opportunity of a lifetime.

Thank you for all the amazing support this season Pats Nation.  I will provide some amazing Super Bowl content for you guys while I enjoy the experience.

These next two weeks will feature me cycling through all of my Patriots apparel, sleepless nights of excitement, and maybe even a few tears of excitement.  See you in Houston.