Pats Militia Cleveland Invasion

| By Ryan Kennedy

As soon as I found out the Brady suspension was being reinstated I knew I had to go to that game when he returns.  I knew I had to see psycho Brady come back and make a statement.  So I bought my tickets and booked my hotel for Cleveland and waited patiently.

I was leaving Sunday morning to Drive there at 6:30 AM.  Let’s just say Saturday night I did not get much sleep because of pure excitement, felt like Christmas all over again.  Now lets talk about the game and the experience I had in Cleveland.

Entered the Stadium nice and early so I could see Brady come out.

I had seats right by the Patriots tunnel purposely so I could be close to the Legend himself while Making his debut.  As soon as I got in, the place was loaded with Pats fans waiting to see the GOAT make his return to the NFL Field.

As we all waited around patiently we were able to watch the WR core (Danny, Jules, and Hogan) warm up and exit the field.  We were also treated with a Mr. Kraft entrance where he walked around and acknowledged all of the Pats fans there which was awesome.  Then finally the moment we were all waiting for, Brady came out, fired up as ever and the Brady chants began.

And boy, was it a beautiful site. Seeing thousands of Pats fans going nuts and brady getting super pumped to return with a vengeance.  Here is a video of Brady exiting the field after warm ups because you can never have too much Brady.


Tom Brady did not fail to impress all of the football world, and Marty put up three TDs.  Seeing Brady throw 3 touchdowns to a guy he’s never played a game with before is just scary good.

After all, the trip to Cleveland for Brady’s return was a success.  That place was absolutely swarmed with Pats fans it was amazing.  No other fan base would have that many people travel and go out of their way to see their QB come back.  I was able to meet some great people and enjoy Brady’s greatness with thousands of Pats field at the away field, which truly felt like a game in Foxboro.  At the end of the Fourth, there was nothing but Pats fans and that walk out was great.  So to sum it up,  The “Brady” chants were loud, the beer was cold, and Tom Brady proved to show why he is the best.