Our Blog PatsMilitia.com Has Been Down This Season and Here is Why

Ryan Kennedy | Pats Militia

Hey there Pats Nation, I know the season is coming to an end, and we finally got our site back up and running, but I would like to address what has happened here and why we have not been posting our news articles the second half of the season.

Well unfortunately in this day and age if you make (program) anything online you need to make sure you have a good security setup in place.  Halfway through this season, our website was receiving a lot of malware threats and we were shut down because people were going in and infecting out site.  I honestly have no idea why someone would do this, when this site is purely for joy of the Patriots and generates zero revenue, but clearly they didn’t have anything else better to do.

I have been going back and forth with my website host and various security companies to get this site back up, unfortunately that was not very easy.  After countless hours and $100s of dollars spent, we are back.  And we are not going anywhere.  This season may be close to over but we are not going to stop pumping out content until it is, then continue to do so.

To all of our readers, I apologize that you have not been able to read our news this part of the season, and I have been trying to pump out the best content I could on Twitter.

We have tons of plans for next year, and we promise we won’t let something like this happen again.  In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the season, lets crush the Jags and go to the SB again. LETS GO