Now You’re All In Big Trouble

Well, I think it goes without saying that Adolf Hitler.. I mean Roger Goodell is sitting on his couch crapping himself, along with the whole league.

I’m not going to lie, I had a lot of faith in Tom but with all the publicity that Deflategate has gained and with Brady coming back, I wasn’t sure if Tom was going to come back and be decent or come back furious than ever, proving that the NFL and all his haters wrong. Silly me, Brady has yet again proven how amazing he really is. I would also like to take this time to call out Max Kellerman for making the dumbest remark of his career.



Right when I heard his vacuous comment.


I think it goes without saying that Max Kellerman is going to get his butt eaten alive on Monday.

“Brady will go from being elite — maybe he’s still the best — to can no longer effectively play in the NFL. It’s going to happen in an eye blink either this year or next,”

Let me rephrase that for you…


“Kellerman will go from being elite – maybe he’s good at what he does – to can no longer effectively report about sports. It’s going to happen after this game today.”


Tom Brady completed 18 of 25 passes for 271 yards and 2 TDs in just the first half, leading the Patriots to touchdowns on each of their first three drives. Brady connected with seven different receivers .. talk about versatility. Today Brady is over 400 yards and already had three TDs and it’s his first game back since Deflategate. The league should be very scared, Tom Brady will not lose a single game for the rest of his career.. Now you’re all in BIG TROUBLE.


And of course, to end the night, Belichick threw in a big F-U to  Goodell by sending Garoppolo in the 4th.


Ps: Did Cleveland like Brady more than the Browns?