Now calling out Rob Parker from Patsmilitia

Some people don’t like the Patriots, well most people don’t like the Patriots. I mean, Tom Brady could literally save the life of a baby and people would still find something to complain about, and sports analysts Rob Parker is the worse of them all.

Lets get a couple of things straight Rob. The Patriots aren’t cheaters, Tom Brady IS in fact the best NFL quarterback to play the game, and you’re a disgrace to the sports industry. Frankly, I feel bad for FS1 for adding you to the show Undisputed. You honestly ruin the show every time your ignorant self comes on air, letting your emotions take over reality. Sorry Rob, not all teams can be as good as the Jets with a 5-11 record all season. Unfortunately, you’re now becoming the Rex Ryan of New England, you hate on the Patriots, you never can admit Tom Brady is the goat, you call us cheaters, and we hate you.

After all, Tom Brady did lead New England to a 34-28 overtime win, not only was the 25-point comeback the biggest in Super Bowl history, but it was also the biggest comeback win of Brady’s career. But you know what Rob? You’re right, Brady isn’t the best quarterback in the NFL. You also once said that Tom wasn’t going to get a fourth ring, and now he has five …so when six comes are you going to keep quiet or continue to blab nonsense? Then again, I don’t know why I get worked up about a analyst who has always struggled with the basic task of responsibility taught in Journalism 101 class.

How Rob Parker has a job is beyond me, then again he did say that Robert Griffin III isn’t black enough so I guess we should take his comments into consideration from now on.


Rob Parker, you’re officially on our shit list and were calling you out. 


New England