Josh McDaniels Is Staying In New England

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

Earlier today, I wrote a blog titled It’s Official: McDaniels & Patricia Are Gone. Turns out I was only half correct.

The last 48 hours have been wild. The Patriots lost the Super Bowl, both coordinators left, a whole ton of Malcolm Butler shit hit the fan and now this: McDaniels is coming back.

I don’t know what changed his mind. I suppose we won’t know what changed his mind for a while, but I’ve gotta think he was promised something. Bill Belichick’s contract runs through 2018. Is he retiring after next season? Is it possible McDaniels was promised he’s next in line? I can’t be sure, but I’d imagine everything is on the table, and so do actual members of the media.

We’re obviously not going to know any plans until someone from the team publicizes them, but right now, it certainly looks like the Patriots are grooming McDaniels to be the next head coach. Is that a good thing? I’d like to think so, but you never know. All of this is turning into a waiting game, and if the last couple of days have told us anything, we’ll be waiting for answers for a long time.

Go Pats.

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Featured image via: AP Photo/Charles Krupa