It’s seems like I’m not the only one annoyed with politics, Brady is too

Per usual, the media is trying to get Brady to reveal who he voted for. In reality, we all know that Tom Brady is focused on one thing, and one thing only, and that’s football.. and maybe not getting on Gisele’s bad side also played a factor. Regardless, I’m glad I’m not the only one whose ready to move forward and focus on what’s important, and that’s winning.

In today’s press conference, Brady was asked multiple political questions, I mean what else did you expect right? But he stuck with the Belichick way..we’re on to Seattle

Brady was asked: “You play against good defenses every week, but what makes [Seattle’s] defense so difficult to play against?”

Brady in response – “Some of the best defense’s I’ve played in my whole career have been the ones that just do what they do, and do it at an extremely high level, and that’s one of those teams”

It goes without saying that Seattle’s defense has remained among the best in the league, but the Seahawks’ offense hasn’t exactly been admirable, if were being honest. There have only been nine teams who have scored fewer points than Seattle ( Seattle ranked #24), and Russell Wilson’s numbers haven’t been as notable, compared to what they were a season ago. Since his sprained ankle and, later sprained knee, he just hasn’t been the same. Conversely, since Brady’s return from his Deflategate Suspension, he’s been playing the best football of his career. The Patriots have won four straight games by at least 11 points, averaging 34 points per contest since Brady returned.

Overall, the Patriots have a great advantage, and their offense might be too much for the Seahawks to handle. However, Seattle’s defense may stand strong, as it’s ranked third, just one behind New England, who ranks second. Which could make for a relatively close, high-scoring game Sunday night..assuming that Seattle has finally learned how to run the ball in the end zone.


Brady when asked if he yelled out a big shriek at last nights political results, like he did when Butler made the interception in Super Bowl XLIX….  “I was asleep, I was getting ready for this week”