HBO BALLERS just reminded me why I would keep Julian Edelman over Wes Welker

Just when I thought that the HBO show, BALLERS couldn’t get any better, showing off its love for Americas favorite sport, I was wrong. Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola don’t just ball up on the field on Sundays, but they also just added acting to their resume. Just add that to the list of reasons why we love the Patriots so much.

The HBO show BALLERS, starring Dwayne Johnson (AKA “The Rock”) made the season 2 finale that much better and I don’t mean because Mark Wahlberg executively produces it. The two Patriots receivers made an appearance on the HBO show, BALLERS by showing off their moves and of course their great genes, while also bragging about the Patriots.

In the episode Edelman shared his story of how he made his way up to the top of New England’s depth chart. For those of you who might not be familiar, let me refresh your memory…

Edelman was an undersized quarterback who went to Junior college at College of San Mateo, in California where he didn’t play at a Power Five school, even after transferring to Kent State where he proved doubters wrong every step of the way. For some individuals in the world of football, the NFL stands as a goal from Day one, but not for Edelman. Edelman told NESN’s Doug Kyed that “[He] wasn’t thinking about NFL when [he] was at San Mateo” but rather he was “really worried about getting a scholarship”. Well, a scholarship did come, so did the NFL, and his acting career is at it’s peak!

While his climb to the Patriots starting line up was slow, contributing on special teams, primarily as punt returner and learning from Wes Welker, his persistence and patients later paid off in 2013. After replacing Welker with Amendola, unexpected injuries put Amendola’s performance on hold, making Edelman Brady’s new safety valve, catching 105 passes for 1,056 yards and six touchdowns.



Edelman has caught 4-of-6 targets for 38 yards in New England’s Week 3 win over the Texans, adding three rushes for 14 additional yards… and for Welker, well was in the stands at Gillette against the Miami Dolphins, among many other Brady supporters. wes-welker

Ps: I have much respect for Wes Welker, don’t let that do unnoticed.


In the show, Edelman ran a number of routes with Ricky Jerret who is played by Denzel Washington’s son, John David Washington. Jerret, leaves the beach asking what Bill Belichick is offering.. which means that if Jerret makes his way to New England in the show, we could be seeing more familiar faces from New England.


SOOOO.. you’re telling me Edelman serves as Tom Brady’s security blanket, he’s smart, he can also play QB, andddd he can  ACT? I’ll take him over Wes Welker, any day.