BREAKING: Hightower to Miss Entire Season with Torn Pectoral 

Dont’a Hightower tore his pec and is likely out for the season.

This sucks. I’d love to put it more eloquently, but I can’t. This really sucks. 
When Hightower left Sunday night’s game with a “shoulder” injury, I assumed it was nothing. I thought that because the Patriots were wrapping up a victory, he was on the sideline as a precautionary measure. I was wrong. And I was foolish to think that way. 

I should have known this was something big. Hightower’s injury history is full of stuff like this. He never gets nicked up. He’s always dealing with something major. I should have known. (Me knowing wouldn’t have done anything to prevent the situation, but I’m distraught. Give me a break.)

Outside of losing Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski, this is the worst news the Patriots could have received. Hightower is the Patriots’ best defender. He’s an incredible football player and leader of the defense. Guys like Devin McCourty and Malcolm Butler are important, but not as important as Hightower. The guy is always in the right place at the right time, and always makes the biggest plays in the biggest moments. Not having him out there for the rest of the season is going to hurt.

Go Pats.