Brady can’t get a break

After Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, missing the pre-season opener, to not playing in last nights preseason game against the Chicago Bears.. poor Tom can’t get a break. Although the four time Super Bowl champ couldn’t make last nights preseason game at Gillette, Garoppolo came into the rescue sweeping the Bears right back to Chicago.

Sources say that Brady was in his uniform ready to play last nights game when he sliced his thumb on a pair of scissors by accident. Due to his minor injury, Brady did not join the team on the field, putting Garoppolo in the spot light. Garoppolo told reporters that he found out right before the game that he would be starting, where he finished off the night with 16 of 21 for 181 yards, and winning a close one of 23-22 against the Bears.

Although Garoppolo played an adequate game, showing a better performance than he did in the season opener against the New Orlean Saints, he most certainly didn’t do it all himself. After Garoppolo was unexpectedly told to start the game, we saw others shine seeing him rely strongly on his tight tends and running backs as 11 of his 16 competitions went to non-wide receivers. Tight end, A.J Derby a 2015 sixth- round draft pick caught six passes for 71 yards as he showed his consistency when catching passes. Running back LeGarrette Blount also made his presence felt last night carrying the ball 11 times for 69 yards and a touchdown to top it off.

However, Garoppolo did make a great connection with wideout Chris Hogan, a former Buffalo Bill who caught four of the five balls that were thrown to him. On the first-and-1 Garoppolo took one step forward from the pocket and threw a pass to Hogan, who fleetingly juggled the ball bringing it in for a 25-yard gain.

The Patriots sure do have a lot to work on and there is no doubt about it that this past year has been full of surprises. But with that being said, it is undeniably obvious that the Patriots have excelled at accommodating to the unexpected outcomes that has happen so far. Overall, Garoppolo has been everything the Patriots could ask for from a back-up quarterback who will lead their team for the first month of the regular season.

As long as we can keep our offensive line engaged blocking well, keep our backs pushing hard finding open holes, Garoppolo playing well in the pocket, and keeping Tom away from scissors come game five, then we’ll be seeing ourselves headed to Houston.

I don’t know about you but I’m not worried about the regular season as much as Goodell is.