Bend but don’t break

In the beginning of the season I couldn’t help but disagree with everyone about the Patriots defense. I thought they weren’t as great as everyone said they were, until recently examining their offense. The most important aspect of “bend but don’t break “, is that the Patriots defense doesn’t break. The ability of their defense to stop teams before reaching the end zone is extremely efficient. The Patriots’ offense hasn’t remained  consistent whatsoever, but their red zone fluency on defense has remained remarkably consistent.


Tom Brady has been in full-on revenge mode since his suspension ended, but with their loss to Seattle where he threw his first interception of the season, was held without a touchdown pass, and poorly carried things out at the goal line at the end of the game, handed the win to Seattle. Week 11 the Patriots  faced one of the worst teams in NFL history in terms of points allowed, the 49ers. But somehow they went into the fourth quarter clinging to a 13-10 lead over the 49ers. I’m sorry, but that’s absolutely embarrassing for a team that is known for winning, yet they struggle against the 49ers? Today’s game against the Los Angeles Rams wasn’t the best performance of our offense either.. I mean common, its the Rams they probably have to have one of the worse offenses in the league. While their offense needs to step it up, I will give two people kudos on offensive.. Brady and Mitchell.

Tom Brady:

We all knew Brady was the best QB but it’s official, NO QB in NFL history has ever won as much as the goat himself. Do I need to say more?

Malcolm Mitchell: 

I’ve said it since the beginning, Malcom Mitchell is wearing the number 19 better than we’ve seen it in the past. In the last two games where Gronkowski was gone with various injuries, Mitchell caught nine balls for 140 yards and three touchdowns. What’s even more important than that, is that Mitchell seems to have gained the trust of Tom Brady. That point was evident last week against the New York Jets when the Brady kept throwing him passes in key spots, including a touchdown. Today, he proved to Brady even more why he should be trusted. The guy is speaking measures!


Side note: Glad to see Edelman hands aren’t smothered in butter anymore.


Our defense is underestimated. Many fans have been very disappointed in the defenses  performance, specifically against Seattle. Although, at the end of the day they held through and saved us from getting our butts whipped even more, just like they have been doing. They’re been playing more red zone coverage, taking away the deep pass, forcing their opposition to sustain drives. They’ve saved our asses, and I’ll tell you why. Today, Kyle Van Noy’s  interception gave the Patriots awesome field position, seeing as the  Patriots couldn’t move the ball very far on the six-play drive. They finished on a third-and-9 where Chris Long spiked Jared Goff’s pass, and Eric Rowe managed a nice tackle on Brian Quick to keep him from the first down. It’s that simple, our defense is busting their butts day in and day out and aren’t getting enough credit, just like Alan Branch isn’t. Bend but don’t break guys, bend but don’t break.


PS: Tom Brady is coming for you TJ McDonald.


But seriously, have you EVER seen Brady that mad?